The Great Scavenger Hunt- October 23, 2016 @ 12:30PM at the Rocky Steps

Join us for The Great Scavenger Hunt of Halloween 2016!

Come on a two hour a film themed exploration of Philadelphia hosted by The Women’s Film Project & Festival. Dress to impress in your finest character driven costumes! Bring the kids, the husband, the wife, the partner, the BFF, nieces and nephews, aunts and uncles… Even your mom and dad are welcome. You name it. The more the merrier!

Bring candy to spread the cheer throughout town as we journey through Fairmont to Old City ending our journey in Midtown Village at Valanni restaurant.

This will be a two hour timed competition from 1:00pm to 3:00pm with challenging clues to explore the city. We’re meeting at the Rocky Steps at 12:30pm. Along the way take pictures with your team members and post it to social media.

There will be PRIZES for:
Winning (i.e. Most points)
Fastest completion time
Best costume
Best picture

The cost is $15 per person or $50 for a team of 4. Sign up for the early bird special before October 5th (the last day for submissions to the festival) and pay only $10 per person.

At 3:30pm we will meet at Valanni on 1229 Spruce Street for the Awards Reception ($5).

Rules for transportation:
Bikes are welcome
Cars are allowed
Uber & Lyft are allowed
Scooters are cool
Pogo Sticks are legit (and you get extra points…)
Running is encouraged
If you walk, you probably won’t finish in the top three… But hey, maybe that’s not your goal.

Come have fun!

See you on Sunday, October 23rd!

Link to Registration:

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