Stephanie Czapla

Stephanie Czapla
Graphic Designer/Social Media Coordinator

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Stephanie Czapla is an illustrator/graphic designer/photographer/poet/professional humble bragger. Born and raised in Miami, she hails from the Sunshine State with influences ranging from Miami Art Deco aesthetics to DIY punk ethics. Growing up as a biracial woman in a diverse city inspired her to get involved in efforts supporting LGBTQA+ rights and fighting climate change. Steph moved to Philadelphia in 2013 and received her BFA in Illustration with a double minor in Graphic Design and Business from Moore College of Art & Design in 2017. She’s a collaborator at Poems Night at Little Berlin, a coordinator for the Deviant Life Drawing alternative figure drawing series at Ellipsis Gallery in West Philadelphia, and she organizes the bi-weekly West Philly Drink n Draw series at Fiume.

Stephanie is a published children’s book illustrator in the latest book, Gobbles Gives A Turkey and Gets Back A Whole Lot More, that celebrates a Thanksgiving tradition of charity and compassion. Her poetry was published in New York in Sighing In Unison’s Fine, I’ll Admit It anthology and in the UK in New River Press’ 2017 Yearbook. Her illustrations have been exhibited in venues and events such as the Philadelphia Sketch Club, Pancakes & Booze, Dock Street Brewery and their Cannery next door, and various markets. Her art and writing tackles themes of transformation, intimacy and the fear of, anxiety, and self-love. She combines the narrative sensibilities of illustration with the immersion qualities of installation to depict the aforementioned themes and question their constructs.

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