Schedule: Saturday, March 18th, 2017

All films shown on Saturday, March 18th, 2017 will be shown at:

Prince Theater
Black Box, 2nd Floor
1412 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19102
Admission: $10
Student Admission w/ID: $8
Shorts Programs: $5 flat

The Great Outdoors: Shorts + Feature
Saturday, March 18th, 2017 at 12:00PM

Sit in a dark theater as we revel in the pleasures of the great outdoors!


The Call from the Sea | USA | 15 minutes
Directed by Taylor McNulty

The Bajau are an indigenous, sea nomadic group that live on top of the ocean in Indonesia. This short documentary looks at the ocean through the Bajau’s eyes. ‘The Call from the Sea’ is a poetic, personal story about the fragile state of the ocean and the people who live closest to it.

Women Outward Bound | USA | 66 minutes
Directed by Maxine Davis

Fifty years ago, girls were not allowed to participate in the rigorous U.S Outward Bound wilderness school until 24 women broke that barrier. Find out how one month of surviving in the woods changed them…and history…forever.

Cul De Sac | USA | 16 minutes
Directed by Ethan Scarduzio

The race is on for one tough little tomboy as she hustles to keep up with a band of bikers who reject her gender and her training wheels.




Her Stories: Shorts + Feature
Saturday, March 18th, 2017 at 2:00PM
At Prince Theater

Three honest, engaging films that explore the violence that women experience around the world and how they cope. These women will capture your hearts with their raw, emotional stories.


Francesca’s Story | USA | 10.5 minutes
Directed by JoAnne Tucker

Francesca is a domestic violence survivor who shares her story of the abuse she experienced and how she was able to leave her husband and rebuild her life. This compelling documentary about family devolving and evolving gives a very good portrait of different stages of DV.


The Scarlet Cord | USA | 11 minutes
Directed by Simon Scionka

One of America’s most in-demand commodity: the trafficking of American children within the US for sexual exploitation is all around us. Witness the power of art to open wounds for healing.




Say Something | Norway/Sweden | 73 minutes
Directed by Åsa Ekman

Say Something is a coming of age documentary in which we meet 19 year old Isabell who has grown up witnessing her stepfather abusing her mother. We get to follow the relationship between Isabell and her mother as they struggle not only to communicate but also to understand each other and to reconcile. A beautifully introspective film about mental illness and youth.

That’s Messed Up! Shorts Program
Saturday, March 18th, 2017 at 4:00PM
At Prince Theater

This collection of short films will have you clutching your pearls and shouting “That’s Messed up!”.


Texican | USA | 13.5 minutes
Directed by Allyson West

“You can love a person very much, and still be surprised by what you don’t know about them.”


I Should Have Run | UK | 4 minutes
Directed by Gabriela Staniszewska

One dark night, a woman encounters something strange and terrifying on her walk home. Asked a question, her sheer terror causes her to lie… with disastrous consequences.

What Came After | USA | 17 minutes
Directed by Tonya Pinkins

A grandmother sacrifices her child for her God, who’s next? *sexual violence

Names on the Wall | USA | 26 minutes

Directed by Koura Linda

Two soldiers fighting on opposite sides of the Vietnam War find themselves faced with a choice, somewhere between where humanity ends and war begins.

Black Sands | Italy | 16 minutes
Directed by Isidoro Ventura piselli

PAS (Parental Alienation Syndrome) It’s real and it sucks… Damn.

Nanny | USA | 12 minutes
Directed by Diane Weipert

From the writer of Solo Dios Sabe ( Diego Luna, Alice Braga; Sundance 2006) Niñera looks at the bitter ironies many nannies face, raising the children of strangers for a living while their own children are left to virtually raise themselves. A quiet but beautiful look at the realities of many working mothers

Driver’s Ed | UK | 14.5 minutes
Directed by Chase Norman

A shy, overweight young woman leaves the safety of her home for an unwelcoming high school classroom.




After the Curtain + Shorts
Saturday, March 18th,2017 at 6:00PM
At the Prince Theater

These three films tells the story of women who faces struggles in their lives to do what they love to do and to escape the reality of their situations. These Women captures the dreams that we all have.


Invisible Point | Iran | 5 min
Directed by Tanin Torabi

Dance is prohibited in Iran. While it is told to be a sin, still there are many dancers dancing with passion and have not been seen, they bare the restrictions and still are dancing.

After the Curtain | Tajikistan | 69 min
Directed by Emelie Mahdavian

Four female dancers battle shifting cultural norms in the Post-Soviet, predominantly Muslim nation of Tajikistan. This intimate portrait is seen through the performer’s eyes as they weigh their love of art against economic hardship, loneliness, and social reproach. The film also celebrates the rich dance and music culture of the Central Asian country largely unknown in the West.

Koum: The Awakening | Canada | 12 min
Directed by Eli Andreas

After the death of her father, a young woman uses her writing to travel beyond the veil of madness into a world of magic, mystery and music.



The Bright Side Shorts Program
Saturday, March 18th, 2017 at 8:00PM
At Prince Theater

These shorts are for those who see the glass half full and can make a mean lemon pie from sour citrus.


Thin Lines | USA | 36 minutes
Directed by Shaan Couture

Leah’s life doesn’t seem to have a meaning until she meets Noah who shows her new ways to communicate.


One Carefree Night | South Africa/Netherlands | 15 minutes
Directed by Elles van Gelder

In Manenberg, an area of Cape Town, South Africa, bullets regularly fly over the streets and drugs abound. Only 22.2 percent of the population has completed high school. The families of the few teenagers that do graduate save up all year to rent a fancy car and to buy gowns and tuxedos for the matric dance. The fairytale like prom is their Cinderella-moment, their evening of hope that there is an escape.

Coming Clean | USA | 23 minutes
Directed by Cynthia Wikler

A writer with OCD meets a waitress being bullied by her mother. Can they overcome their problems and find love?

The Door | India | 16 minutes
Directed by Anisa Mukerjea Ganguli

A woman, living in a Calcutta slum, searches for quiet in the chaos that is her life. Sometimes it’s the little things…




















Centerpiece Film: Carrie Pilby | USA | 98 minutes
Directed by Susan Johnson
Saturday, March 18th, 2017 at 10:00PM
At Prince Theater


Convinced that the world is populated by oversexed hypocrites, 18 year old genius Carrie Pilby – played by Bel Powley (“Diary of a Teenage Girl”) – has a hard time making sense of life as it relates to morality, relationships, sex and leaving her apartment. In an effort to coax Carrie out of her shell, her psychiatrist (Nathan Lane), makes a deceptively simple checklist of goals for her to achieve between Thanksgiving and the year’s end. Each goal brings Carrie closer to the understanding that humans, like books, can’t be judged by their covers. Directed by Susan Johnson the film also stars Gabriel Byrne, Vanessa Bayer, Colin O’Donoghue, William Moseley and Jason Ritter. This screening will be the East Coast premier before it’s theatrical release.

Director Susan Johnson, Novelist Caren Lissner, and Producers Susan Cartsonis and Suzanne Farwell will be in attendance for a Q&A.

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